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Sample of Virtual Tour Features


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  • Still images, see pricing for package quantity
  • Touch-up image editing
  • Partial and 360 panorama images, see pricing for package quantity
  • Optional interactive floor plans that integrate with the virtual tour
  • A virtual tour video that plays seamlessly on mobile devices, Macs and PCs
  • Free YouTube virtual tour video
  • Choice of colour graphic custom flyer for printing and email distribution
  • Printable QR Code to include in your docs for device scanning and playing the virtual tour
  • Capture customer email leads within virtual tour video
  • Company branded and non-branded virtual tour videos
  • Agent picture and contact information
  • Link to your virtual tour gallery (listings) presented in map widget form
  • Property description and MLS details posted to virtual tour
  • Social bookmarking enabled, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Weekly detailed status report on virtual tour views
  • Links provided to post your tour to website, email and social media
  • Printable images - downloaded individually or in zip file format
  • Virtual tour narration intro, outro and individual scenes ... Sample
  • Property "AstroZoom" zoom in from space... Sample
  • Free text updates
  • Free virtual tour background music
  • Free Co-Agent (Upon Request)
  • All deliverables emailed to customer as URL links for downloading and posting

Additional Add-On's and Services (Found in Packages Price List)


Under The Hood - The Virtual Tour Details Behind The Skinny

Dual Interactive Virtual Media Player

The HTML 5 virtual tour engine displays HD stills, HD panoramas, and HD full-motion video in one interactive, vibrant-rich media player at lightning-fast speeds!  You’ll love our HD video playback quality on your phone and tablet!



Looking for a way to ‘WOW’ visitors and customers with your virtual tours? This feature will grab your attention with something never seen before, an outer space fly in! AstroZoom lets you zoom in from outer space directly to any property or business. We’ll create a powerful, visually stunning HD video that starts with a view of Earth from space, and then slowly zeroes in on the listing or business. This feature is a special handmade add-on that only costs $25.00 per production.



Instantly transform your long virtual tour link into a smaller, more manageable URL with TinyTURLS (Tiny Tour URLs). Each time a new virtual tour is published the virtual tour software automatically generates a custom, short URL that points directly to your online virtual tour.  The TinyTURLS feature will save space in any of your print ads, in MLS systems that require shorter URLs, or when tweeting a tour.

Active Plans

What good is a floor plan if it’s hidden in the background and only becomes available if the user clicks on a floor plan button to view it? With Active Plans you can instantly integrate a floor plan into your virtual tour—whether it’s created with our EZ Planner or any other floor plan software. Your floor plan remains in place over the image while users pan from room to room. Active Plans also support hot spots and show users what part of the room they’re looking at with a quick-view directional compass.

Auto Flyer Generator

Struggling with complex third-party software to make flyers is a thing of the past with WME's Virtual Tours built-in Auto Flyer Generator.  It comes preloaded with over twenty gorgeous flyer templates and layouts ready for our stunning photography to make them complete.  Once your images are uploaded, the Auto Flyer Generator inserts the selected images.  Viewers will then be able to print out a stunning ‘graphic intensive’ or ‘ink friendly’ flyer.


Those of you who have worked with home video production likely spent time making a classy-looking video to post on YouTube — and you know this takes time, and money.  With your virtual tour your high-definition video will have unparalleled quality.  Once your virtual tour is finalized, the VideoRipper exports your entire production—stills, panoramas, video clips, music and scene-by-scene narration—into a single video file. WME Virtual Tours will then send you the link to download the production then we automatically post the finished video file to our YouTube account, using your virtual tour description, title, and tags.


Inputting MLS data, (Property Description, Beds, Baths, etc.) into your real estate productions has never been easier. Yes, we have literally thought of everything!  Provide WME with your MLS listing details from and we enter it all into your virtual tour.  Everything then appears automatically in your virtual tour's amenity fields, including description, beds, baths, square footage, garage, price, and more!


We can rip any of your virtual tours to a QR code. Want a printable version?  Once the size of the QR code is entered our Tour2QR app creates a QR code of ANY size to include on your property flyer.  Best of all, WME’s HitStats app will show you how many visitors have scanned the QR code each week on mobile devices.

Map Widget

Each virtual tour provider, owner, agent and brokerage is assigned their very own Map Widget to embed into any page of their website. Once the virtual tour is created, tags are added with our Tagit app and then the tour is found on your map. Website visitors can search your Map Widget based on location, tour type (tags), price or any other criteria you’ve included. Your virtual tours will be automatically mapped to your website.

Lead Grabber

Lead Grabber is great option to turn on that collects data from virtual tour viewers.  When enabled, Lead Grabber prompts users for name, email, phone and comments before they’re able to preview the virtual tour. All data and leads are stored in your WME Virtual Tours online Toolbox, and can be exported at any time. Users are not required to input data to proceed.

Hot Spots 3.0

All virtual tours offer Animated Hot Spots, Audio Spots, InfoSpots, Video Spots, Hot Spot to URL and more. Hot Spots within a virtual tour can be linked to additional scenes, URLs, videos and open text bubbles to provide more information.


Single Property / Business Website Maker

Single Property Websites are a breeze with WME's built-in Single Property / Business Website Maker. If you prefer a unique website to handle your virtual tours this is the answer.  Choose a domain and we first check to see if available.  If it is, then you can purchase it directly though us for a small, one time fee of $35.00.  Once your domain name is registered we’ll automatically setup the pages and post the tour, and we’ll even setup a reminder for you to renew your domain name 30 days prior to its expiration the following year. A professional site in less than five minutes!

RTV's Fusion Tour Portal Site

Over one billion tours served! That’s right—since 1999, WME Virtual Tours portal provider - RTV has served up over a billion virtual tours and counting. Now, every presentation created by RTV photographers around the world can be found on RTV’s Fusion Tour Portal Site. The portal incorporates the RTV Map Widget and displays all interactive virtual media presentations in a searchable format. The portal has been designed to rank high on search engines, delivering even more exposure for your listings.

MyGallery 2.0

Virtual tour galleries just got a lot more impressive with our Google Map-enabled MyGallery pages.  When WME Virtual Tours creates a new virtual tour, your MyGallery page, will populate the new tour.  When embedded into websites, these pages become a searchable Google Maps style page that will display the virtual tour inventory like never seen before.

Email Trapper

Do you ever wonder who is sharing your virtual tours, and with whom?  Our new Email Trapper will gather the contact information of both the sender and the recipient and forward this off to you automatically.  If you are an aggressive marketer and want to quickly build an email list of home shoppers, the Email Trapper will notify you each time your virtual tour presentation is sent. This is a perfect lead mining tool for those who send monthly newsletters to their customer base.  Email Trapper also captures the ‘message’ being sent for further info.

Tagit - Virtual Tour Tags & Meta Data

Tagit is a fantastic feature that gets your virtual tours more views from our virtual tour portal, Google, YouTube and from your website. Tagit allows WME Virtual Tours to tag your virtual tours with additional pertinent information about you the owner, tour type, business, location and any other distinctive features that will help WME properly categorize and tag your virtual tour for the search engines.  These same tags are used to automatically populate the tag box under the description of your YouTube video.

HTML 5 Mobile Responsive Tour 2.0

WME Virtual Tours are smart, very smart! When browsing through your virtual tours with a web enabled phone or device, our virtual tours automatically serve up an HTML 5 mobile compatible version of the tour to ensure maximum exposure and compatibility.   Furthermore, we track your mobile hits and QR code scans and add them to your hit report each week. Got a gyro enabled phone or device? That’s even better! Pan, tilt and move interactively through panoramas (future WME offering) and scenes within virtual tours by steering your device in  the direction that you would like to navigate!

Individual Download

WME makes downloading images easy, even for tech-challenged customers. Instead of downloading all the images in one large zip file that may be confusing, the Individual Download page displays a gallery of thumbnail images. The customer can simply click the download button to instantly download an image to their computer.  For those tech savvy customers a .zip feature is also available.

AudioPal - Property Narration

WME Virtual Tours can provide intro, outro and scene narrations.  You simply provide the script(s), like a property description and one of our spokes persons or Avatars will spice up your virtual tour with a quality voice-over.  For further customization you can provide your own personal voice-over.


We optionally include free music with your virtual tour from our library.  Do you have a preferred collection of royalty-free music clips?  We can also upload and use your favourite audio clip for custom use with your virtual tour and we store your clips right in your profile for quick and easy access.


AutoExposure Engine

Getting your presentations out there and in front of the world for viewing is easier than ever with the powerful, built-in AutoExposure Engine. With the push of a button your real estate and vacation rental presentations are sent out to the most popular portals. To name a few --, RealEstateDigital, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Craigslist, YouTube and more.  The AutoExposure Engine gives your virtual tour an average of 50% more viewings than those not submitted.

SpiderLinks 2.0

It’s a proven fact that there’s no better ranking virtual tour on the market than one from WME. Our virtual tours are known to pull rank in the search engines on property address, business name and even in some cases agent or tour owner name! Our software kicks it up a notch by allowing WME, your virtual tour provider, even more control on how your virtual tours will rank and on what keywords. We can easily modify underlying virtual tour META Data for you.

Private Tour

The WME Virtual Tour system is packed with four very powerful lead generation tools.  Our favorite is Private Tour. We can enable the Private Tour feature for your virtual tour and assign a password to it. Your contact information will appear and the visitor will be required to reach out to you for access. You provide the password to the visitor to gain access to your virtual tour. Private Tour serves as a wonderful lead generation tool and one more way to give tour owners peace of mind.


With all of the love for the “Like” button, it was only natural for us to integrate this behavior-based lead generator into the software. TourVibes allows for instant feedback by letting users click the “Like” button. When TourVibes is enabled for the virtual tour it will start collecting contact information, comments, and more from visitors. TourVibes writes back to your virtual tour database and keeps a downloadable log for importing into your favorite CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Image Presentation

We can animate your virtual tour HD still images in many ways from zoom-in or zoom-out, selected starting and stopping points, randomize or disable the feature completely. This feature easily allows you to highlight special features throughout the tour.


Double Agent

Creating virtual tour presentations for multiple agents or teams is easy with the WME Virtual Tours system. Simply request our Co-Agent option button to add a second agent to the listing, and our media player will elegantly fade in and out from one agent to the next, displaying each individuals photo and contact information. 

Traffic Reporting

WME Virtual Tours takes traffic reporting to the next level by providing you with more data than ever.  We now feature a full breakdown of traffic and stats by day, month, quarter, and year.  You’ll see the number of times your virtual tour has been emailed, downloaded, shared on social sites, and viewed on a mobile phone.  We also tracks the number of times individual images are viewed, likes received, and leads generated.  The traffic report is sent by email weekly or monthly as required! 

Status Banners

WME Virtual Tours has dozens of pre-loaded status banners that generate excitement and a call to action from online shoppers.  When you log into the tour manager and uses the Status Banner feature to mark listings as SOLD, PRICE REDUCED, SALE PENDING, JUST LISTED and more that particular Status Banner will elegantly appear in the upper right corner of your virtual tour window during virtual tour playback.  Status     Banner changes will also trigger our Tour Follow system to notify tour followers of status changes.

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